History of the company

End of the 1950s: The beginnings go back to a small clay oven, constructed in the family address. Then, a bigger oven of ceramic bricks was constructed.

1961: On the 27th November of this year, a premises is hired in the Madrid district of Vallecas. Here, the first manufacturing takes place in a small craft oven.

1963: We moved to Arganda del Rey, where a land of 600 square metres was purchased, with a constructed premises which was reconditioned, and in which a rotating oven was installed.

1972: The first automatic production line with a conveyor belt 30 metres long is installed.

1973: On the 6th December 1973, a great fire burnt the factory completely.
The next three months were devoted to the reconstruction of the factory. During these three months, CODAN continued the fabrication in a rented premises in Fuenlabrada.

1983: First appearance in television as sponsors of the contest “Un, dos, tres”.

1986: The international adventure begins.

1990: Launching of the product CONCHAS, packed by units, with which CODAN had a great acknowledgement in the market.

1997: CODAN becomes the first company of the industry to get the certification ISO 9002.

2002: Purchase of the company HORNOS LOPEZ (Toledo).

2006: CODAN installs its tenth production line in Arganda del Rey (Madrid).

2008: Launching of the product line CODAN TAKES CARE OF YOU.

2009: Achievement of our International Food Quality and Safety Certification (see Quality and Safety section).

2009: On the 15th May 2009, the first Conchas Mini start to be made.

History of the company History of the company History of the company
History of the company