Quality and safety


Since 1961 CODAN keeps its commitment with QUALITY, adapting to the tastes and needs of the consumers with regard to products and formats, in all its range of patisserie and bakery.

In our continuous search for excellency and quality of our products and processes, we are pleased to communicate you that we have obtained the International Certification IFS – INTERNATIONAL FOOD STANDARD -, which guarantees the compliance with the highest demands in food safety.

The International Food Standard was created in 2002, and since then it is an international guarantee of success in the Food Industry, due to its rigorous and strict quality controls and controls about food safety.
The IFS certification shows once again our commitment with the client, and encourages us to continue making an effort to achieve the excellency, quality and safety of our products.

For further information, you can visit the web page of IFS making a click here.

Quality and safety Quality and safety
Quality and safety