What is

Codan Park?

The Codan Park  EXPERIENCE allows the little ones to get in touch with the world of food, transmitting enthusiasm, initiative, creativity, passion …

CODAN PARK  is a universe of illusion and an experience that no child would want to miss.

We invite you to contact us to visit us!

Initiative, creativity and passion

The activity begins with the reception of our little visitors, and the projection of an animated  comic, animado, with which they begin to awaken their interest in learning how we make these delicious products.

We continue with the visit to our facilities in full production, so that they can know the process in a real way, without losing any detail, from the dosage of the doughs to the packaging of the product.

The time has come to unleash the incredible creativity of our geniuses, who never cease to amaze us every day, in our magnificent CODAN WORKSHOP, where they can create their own CONCHA or CUPCAKE, becoming MINI-CHEF.


And one of the most awaited moments comes, our CODAN GYMKANA because our little ones, besides being curious and creative, are inexhaustible, and they still have energy to compete …